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our top picks for the 2022 melbourne fashion festival

A celebration of the Australian fashion industry with independent designers and must-see events.

our top picks for the 2022 melbourne fashion festival

Every March, Melbourne city erupts to showcase the fashion industry, At BNB we are super excited to see some of the best emerging fashion designers at the 2022 Paypal Melbourne fashion festival to begin. Starting on March 3 and held over 10 days, this multifaceted festival in Australia celebrates independent local clothing, design, people, diversity and creativity.  

From digital runways to industry seminars and beauty workshops this year's fashion festival is sure to transpire Melbournes city centre, Fed Square to a bustling fashion district honouring independent and indigenous runways and exhibitions.

Whether you are looking to support local emerging fashion designers, watch some unforgettable runway shows or check out fashion workshops or shopping events, the 2022 Melbourne fashion festival has an array of events that recognises the Australian fashion industry, its unique designers and local food and entertainment.

We have put together our top must-see Melbourne fashion festivals events which focus on sustainability, first nations designs and local Melbourne Fashion.


Melbourne Fashion festival first nations runway

First Nations Runway

When: FRI 11 MARCH
Where: ACMI Underground Gallery
Time: 7 pm & 8:30 pm

The First Nations designer line-up demonstrates the diverse range of fashion design excellence recognised within First Nations communities. Presented on the land of the Wurundjeri and Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin Nation, this runway show promises to encompass a dynamic atmosphere, curated by First Nations Creative Director Rhys Ripper on behalf of Kinaway and features project ready-to-wear garments by MAARA Collective, NGALI, Amber Days, Liandra Swim, Ngarru Miimi, Kirrikin, Wa-Ring and Yanggurdi.

Sure to be one of this year's runway shows to break fresh ground through the inclusion of contemporary designs, ancient stories and wisdom of the Country, shaping the future of Australian fashion.


 Melbourne fashion festival events

Independent Runway

When: Thurs 10 MARCH
Where: Collingwood Yards
Time: 8PM

Presented by Fashion Journal, the Independent Runway is the cultural heartbeat of the Melbourne Fashion Festivals program and a celebration of independent brands whose work resonates globally. This event looks past trends and pure innovation and showcases the best of local designers.

Other info: The bar opens from 8 pm with activities throughout the evening.


 paypal melbourne fashion festival independent program

Ethically Made Vs. Ethically Minded Fashion Panel

When: Monday 7 MARCH
Where: The Pavilion, Fed Square
Time: 7PM Cost: Free

Ethically made versus ethically minded fashion, what is the difference?

A panel event where the conversation will explore how making ethically and other ethical initiatives are incorporated into a fashion business’s strategy. One of the sustainable events we are most interested in attending as it will provide context to the difference between ethically made fashion and other ethical issues that exist in the industry today.

On the panel will be two ECA-accredited brands that will share how and why they prioritise making ethically in Australia and the ways they support other ethical initiatives.


Melbourne fashion festival events 

Repair Cafe -Mend-U Upcycling Workshop

When: Sunday 6 MARCH
Where: LCI Melbourne
Time: 12pm-3pm

A Clothing Swap and Workshop to help you recreate, share and repurpose fashion. Be part of the community of fashionistas that are motivated to make a difference while exploring your creativity.

What you will learn? How to reimagine your current wardrobe staples and favourite items to give your clothing new life and ensure they avoid the landfill pile.

LCI experts will also showcase their skills and offer practical advice on how to mend, repair, adjust, get the right fit and create easy upgrades to your much-loved items.

LCU will donate designer collectibles and vintage items which will be available to purchase on the day, with all proceeds going to the First Nations Fashion and Design to support their amazing initiatives. The best part? No item will be more than $10, and this is a free event! RSVP to avoid missing out.


melbourne fashion festival events 

Future From Waste Lab

When: Fri 4 - Sat 12 MARCH
Where: Hanover House
Time: 12pm-3pm
Cost: Free

Australians throw out 6,000kg of clothing every 10 minutes. 93 percent of this textile waste ends up in landfill. So, as part of the experimental event series BETA by STH BNK and in collaboration with KITX, the Future From Waste Lab turns waste into want by repurposing post-consumer textiles into luxury fashion products. Featured iconic Australian fashion brands include KITX, Romance Was Born and Art Club by Heidi Middleton. The Waste lab sorts through old garments from landfills, then washes, cuts and sews them into new wearable garments.

Once a new garment is created, it is photographed, sold online, and dispatched from the lab to create an entirely circular process from start to finish. At the PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival, you can experience this experimental, sustainable fashion workroom first hand by seeing first-hand the entire process of regenerative fashion production, and speak with staff about the future of fashion made from waste.


melbourne fashion runway shows

Closing Runway

When: Sat 12 MARCH
Where: MCA - Melbourne Park
Time: 6.30pm

Sure to be an unforgettable runway fashion experience closing Australia’s largest fashion event. The Closing Runway show features a line-up of Australia’s leading fashion designers celebrating both ready-to-wear and red carpet designs. You are sure to witness a mix of statement collections and pieces that take inspiration from glamour, extravagant silhouettes, individual and unique styles. The artisanal details on this runway are set to WOW.