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5 places to get rid of those lockdown blues

it's about bloody time

5 places to get rid of those lockdown blues

Well guys, it was lookin' real bleak there for a second but we're happy that the time's officially here to return to some kind of normalcy, and as Dan Andrews said, get back on the beers. Iconic.

That's right, we can finally eat out at restaurants (I've got an enormous helping of smashed avo on sourdough toast with a side of everything with my name on it at my local cafe). 

Perhaps you're at the pub at 11:59am bangin' on the door, asking to be let in because you don't wanna risk a chance at missing out on having a glass of your favourite wine. Yes, we know you can drink wine at home but it hits different in a pub or a bar, don't @ us. 

Or perhaps you're just super excited that you can travel 25km's away from your house! The luxury! The freedom! How did we ever cope before now!? Whether the beach is beckoning you to lay out on its sandy body, or your favourite park is calling you up, asking you to come hang out with 10 of your closest mates, Melbourne, go enjoy every last mother**cking second. 

If you've completely forgotten what you used to spend your time doing (we honestly don't blame you), welcome to this blog. We'll provide a comprehensive list full of things you must do immediately if you wanna feel like yourself again (no, it doesn't include lining up at Kmart for 4 hours so you can buy something you definitely and absolutely don't need). 

*Side note*, we know that not all of these places will be within your 25km limit but this is just a guide. Check out your local bars, restaurants, spas etc to get your mood glowin' and the good times flowin'. 


 1. have a few at arbory afloat 

2 Flinders Walk, Melbourne 3000

If you want to get your drink on and wake up like P Diddy (loves a  2010 Kesha reference) then the one of the only places to do it is at Melbourne's own floating themed bar. 

Yep, Summer is definitely on its way if this bad boy bar is back in business. Inspired by the current world situation, the bar has been completely redone and opted to go for a theme that's a lot closer to home, Aussie beach culture. 

With fresh coastal interiors (who doesn't love a little beach getaway) and a chic aesthetic, this vibrant, inner city oasis is a must-visit if you wanna do post-lockdown the right way. Like, it even has a 2.5 metre pool. Need we say more? Probably not but we're going to. 

Feelin' a bit peckish? Feast on both classic and contemporary coastal dishes by Executive Chef Nick Bennett and wash it down with a whole heap of drinks. No seriously, you must try every single one. From the ever-popular collab with Four Pillars Gin to the host of craft beers ready to tickle your throat and envelop you in a world of deliciousness. 

After all, nothing quite quenches your thirst like having a glass of Prosecco on the Yarra. Drink up.  

Arbory Afloat


2. relaxin' at miss fox 

1-3, 285 Little Collins St, Melbourne 3000 

Go on, take a load off. You've earned it. 

If you feel like being stuck inside worried about how your furry little best friend is gonna cope when you go back to work and how much acne (thanks masks for that) you can stand seeing on your face before you start covering up mirrors like you're Dani in The Haunting Of Bly Manor (if you ya know, ya know), then take this opportunity to de-stress, relax and unwind. 

Located in the heart of the CBD, this spa specialises in holistic and empowering therapies that have been mindfully selected for radiant beauty both on the outside and the inside. 

With a skin clinic, day spa and a salon, treat yourself to the ultimate day of pamperin' and even enjoy a glass of champagne (or at least 3) while you're doing it! Yep, that's right. Miss Fox offers you the opportunity to sip on your favourite bubbles while you're having your nails looked after! 

Like, where do we sign up? 

Miss Fox


3. catch a flick at the lunar drive-ins 

15 S Gippsland Hwy, Dandenong 

If you're bustin' to take your SO on a real date night then might we suggest watchin' a movie at the drive-ins? 

Claiming the title of Australia’s largest Drive-in theatre, Lunar Drive-in offers the very best in a cinematic experience under the stars. I mean, can you think of anything more romantic? After at least 16 weeks spent inside, no, probably not. 

Playing films that should have come out in theatres months ago, the drive-ins are the perfect spot to get cosy, eat a lot of snacks* and wonder if the girl is gonna get the guy or if good is gonna defeat evil. Jks, you don't have to wonder about it, it will. It always does. 

*the Lunar cafe is down to serve you burgers, chips, donuts, popcorn, drinks and heaps more so you'll never run out of things to stuff your face with. Just the way we like it. 

Lunarr Drive-ins


4. feast in leonardo's pizza palace 

29 Grattan St, Carlton 

Claiming to be 'What dreams are made of' (someone's a Lizzie Maguire fan), this Italian restaurant is guaranteed to serve up more pizza and pasta than your stomach can possibly handle. 

Located in the suburb that will give you the Italian feast you deserve, the restaurant itself almost has as many cool nooks and crannies as it does meals on the menu with its 70s-style brick archways and dedicated pizza kitchen. 

Determined to make you feel nostalgic for Italy even though you've never been there and won't get there anytime soon (thanks 'rona), Leonardo's pizza palace will make you feel warm, comfortable and very, very full, and that's a promise. 

Not short on ~vibes~, this place should be your go-to when thinking about where to make reservations for dinner tonight. Or you might want to book well in advance, a ticket to this eatery is one of the hottest in town only slightly behind a parking spot at Chadstone shopping centre (now those are hard to come by). 

Leonardo's pizza palace


5. get shopping at the south melbourne market

South Melbourne Market, Cecil St, South Melbourne, 3205 

If you think the Queen Vic market is the only one that's worth visiting then you'd be sorely mistaken. Ditto for the Camberwell Market. 

This hidden gem is full of food (hello cronuts), good food (Bambu is a must if you want to have the asian feast you've often spent many nights during lockdown dreaming about), and great food (fresh seafood is definitely on the menu). Nah, just kidding, they have more than food there. 

Honestly, this market is being slept on and hardly gets the recognition it deserves. Featuring stores that sell quirky little knick-knacks that will go beautifully with that-other-thing-you-didn’t-need-but-couldn’t-resist-buying-the-last-time-you-were-here and your very healthy ‘treat yo self’ attitude, this market is a firm favourite among inner city locals. 

A foodie's paradise, the South Melbourne Market supports local farmers and produces (so that's a big yes) and offers everything from fresh flowers to you-must-try-before-you-die coffee. What are you waiting for? 

South Melbourne Market