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why your skincare routine is important

and why you should do it, like, e-ver-y-day

why your skincare routine is important

Let's all be honest here, beautiful skin can take some time. I know we all wish we could slap on a cleanser, moisturise our skin, snap our fingers and voila, have perfectly pimple-free, glowing-to-the-gods, fresher-than-the-prince-of-bel-air skin. But alas, it doesn't work that way. 

Unless you're part of the small population where it very much does work that way. Just know that we hate you. Every single one of us. 

Anyway, what we're getting at is that skincare routines are super duper important when it comes to having the skin you've so desperately wanted for as long as you can remember, not only for the short time but also in 30 years from now. This means you need to think about your 60 year old self. Do you want her to have wrinkles as deep as an elephants? Skin that looks so much like leather that you genuinely don't see a difference between it and the leather couch that's seen so many butts sit on it and various liquids spilt on it? Do that woman a solid. Put in the hard work now so the older version of you can thank you. If you're lucky she might also pop $20 in a card she bought from the $2 shop located next to the supermarket she goes to as a reward for all the effort you've gone to (we're not gonna tell you that scenario brings back the memories but we're also not not gonna tell you that, if you ya know what we mean). 

In short, find a skincare routine that works for you (and doesn't feel like you spend half of your day in front of the mirror when all you really wanna do is hop into bed already), stick to it, and we promise you your results will come back with a nice, fat and shiny A+. In case you ever need some help in remembering why this is important (or if that 60 year old woman reference wasn't enough for you), then we've put together a couple of reasons why this is a must-do, instead of a sometimes-if-I-can-be-bothered occurrence. 

we shed dead skin cells on the daily 

Everyone should know by now that the outermost layers of our skin shed to make way for the newer, shiner, prettier layers of skin underneath. To put it into perspective, you lose millions of dead skin cells everyday, leaving a trail of them wherever you go like you're some kind of shedding-skin fairy. 

This means you need to constantly be helping your skin get rid of its dead cells otherwise your skin's in danger of looking tired, dull and about as uninspiring as that 2 hour zoom meeting you just had. Also, just from a straight up hygiene point of view, it's kinda gross if you allow dead little cells to be livin' rent free on your face when you've already sent them the eviction notice. We mean, we don't wanna tell you how to live your life, but c'mon, say it with us. Ex-fol-iate. Just saying. 

Having a skincare routine will help maintain your skin's radiance and have you feelin' fresh and squeaky clean. 

it's all about prevention 

Taking good care of your skin will not only have it lookin' like dynamite but it also save you money in the long run (we can practically hear your bank accounts thanking us). 

If you don't look after your skin, you could be left with deep wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, acne scarring or other skin issues that can result in expensive trips to the dermatologist. 

The way we see it is, your money should go towards a couple of really good products that will help hydrate, moisturise and rejuvenate your skin (peep our hemp oil here), only going to the skin clinic to get a much needed facial every once in a while during those one of those treat-yo-self days. 

boost your confidence 

We can all try and tell ourselves that 'no one judges a book by its cover', and that may definitely be true but we do know that your face is the first thing that people see when they look at you. 

It's no secret that having clear, glowin' skin can go a long way in achieving confidence. All of us struggle (us included) with pimples, acne, spots or just general skin conditions that sometimes want to make us hide away and to be honest, that's a shame. 

Having a good skincare routine allows you to take back control of your skin and manage those same skin conditions in an effective way so you can see results quicker and get back to being the light that shines from the sun. The amount of times we've quoted the Lizzie Maguire movie in these blogs is concerning, but we're really not mad at it. 

all the stuff goin' on around you 

You're exposed to dirt, grime, gunk and pollution almost as soon as you step out of your front door. We wish this wasn't the case but sadly, this is the world we live in. Oh and the sun is also a major player when it comes to harming your skin. 

All of these factors can result in damage to our skin. The bad news is that we basically have no choice but to exposed to all of the stuff goin' around us but the good news is that having a skincare routine in place can help minimise the effects. 

This could look like popping on some sunscreen every time you leave the house (yes, in Winter too), and investing in a good face scrub to help get rid of the excess junk on your face that you definitely won't be sad to see the back of. 

help build healthy routines 

Once you get into the habit of smashin' your daily skincare then it won't be long before you start adopting other healthy habits too. Maybe you'll start making your bed everyday? Doing some exercise for at last 45 minutes, 3 times per week? You might even start cooking your own meals instead of ordering takeout? 

Whatever it is, when you do something positive and healthy to your body (and you get the results you're after), you'll be automatically inspired to improve other areas of your life. Don't ask us how or why, it's just the way it goes. Kinda like when you clean up your room for the first time in weeks and you suddenly feel like a whole different person who has their sh*t together. 

Basically it all comes down to recognising how to love yourself more, how to keep yourself happy and in turn, how to treat your body and skin with the respect it strongly deserves. Less worry, more naked.