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how can I treat acne on my face?

....and get on with your life

how can I treat acne on my face?

It's no lie, having acne can be a b*tch. 

Not only is it super duper uncomfortable but it can also be a real confidence killer and that's a big no-no in our books. 

Whether you're dealing with blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, cysts or all of the above (you're in our prayers), there are ways in which you can kick acne and breakouts in the butt, forcing them back to hell (where they most definitely came from). 

Having a skincare routine is one of those ways. 

Now you might be embracing your acne (and why the hell shouldn't you) but you might also want to try to cure your acne too, and both of those things are totally okay. 

It must be noted that absolutely everyone will at some stage of their life experience some form of acne and that it's completely normal and nothing to be embarrassed about. Like, ever. 

However, the first step in trying to rid yourself of your angry, pus-filled little frenemies is to understand why they might be popping on your face, or other parts of your body, and settling themselves in for the long haul like they've just paid the bond on a nice 2 bedroom apartment with a minimum 24 month lease. 


what is acne? 

Good, we're so glad you asked. 

Acne starts when greasy secretions from the skin's oil glands block the openings for hair follicles, clogging your pores. If these openings are large, they take the form of blackheads, however if they stay small they become whiteheads.

Both of these can result in swollen and tender pimples that sit on your skin without a care in the world and refuse to leave despite giving them their marching orders on multiple occasions. 


what's impacting my acne? 

Another great question. 

There are a host of things that could be aggravating your acne and making it 10x worse than it should be. These things are often attributed to a whole number of things that we will of course go through with you below: 

- Hormones. This is perhaps the most common reason behind acne flare ups and can occur literally whenever your hormones decide they want to spice things up a bit. Are you going through puberty? Trying to grow a little human in your belly? Is that time of the month again? All of these things can be attributed to fluctuations in oestrogen and progesterone which can then result in more oil production in your pores. 

- Food. This one hurts because, well, food is life, however if you happen to have food intolerances but treat them as if they're merely suggestions then you're practically inviting acne to set up shop on your skin. This can also be the case if you love eating greasy food. Look, we love eating a UberEats at 2am as much as the next gal but we also know that indulging in foods with high levels of fat and grease content can be a death sentence for our clear, blemish-free skin. Try avoiding foods such as diary, pizza and soft drinks. 

Stress. Unfortunately stress is a natural, normal part of life that can't be avoided no matter how many yoga flows you do or candles you burn (but those things definitely help). Whether you're freaking out about whether your new boyfriend loves you yet, worrying about your dog being left behind at home when you go back to work in an actual office with actual people (albeit sitting1.5 metres apart), or wondering if you'll be able to squeeze in a run before an episode of 'The Block' starts, stress can be a result of many things.

To get to the point, acne can be effected by hormonal changes brought about by stress. Which then in turn can cause more stress because of the flare up. Which then can cause more acne. It's basically a vicious cycle that can have you feeling like you're stuck on a Ferris wheel, destined to go up and down until the end of time. Our advice? Eat the damn chocolate. Take that damn day off. Run a damn bubble bath. Look after you, and your skin just might start thanking you for it. 

Genetics. You might have to blame your mumma for this one. If your parents had acne growing up then the chances you'll be acne-prone too are extremely high. This is due to the fact that genetics can be an indicator of your skin type, and there are some skin types are that are known to break out more than others. Whaddup my oil skin sisters?! 


best ways to get rid of acne  

- if acne is caused by the buildup of clogged pores then it makes sense that one of the ways you can get rid of it, is to take care of the clogged pores themselves.  Start your skincare routine with a gentle cleanser that specifically targets your problem areas and helps to get rid of everything that you definitely don't want living on your face. 

Just wash your hands, then wet your skin, gently massaging your preferred cleanser into the affected zones before rinsing it off and patting your skin dry. Cleansers are perfect for daily use, even twice, in the morning and at night. 

- It's about time that you attacked the acne back so try out some acne treatment medication that can be prescribed by your doctor or sourced by yourself in the form of an acne gel or cream. 

Simply apply a small amount of the gel/cream on the pesky pimple or affected area directly after cleansing. Let the gel or cream absorb completely before moving onto the next step which is......

- ......moisturisation. After all of that hard work, you need to make sure your skin's not gonna dry out on you (it's probably thirsty AF). 

We recommend going for a light moisturiser that's not gonna leave you feeling slick and greasy. Opt for one that's gonna absorb into your skin nicely without aggravating your acne. 

PSA: If you need help determining what acne treatment medication you should be buying, consult your local dermatologist or GP. We stan a skin sister that's spoken to their health care professional.