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how to make your skin better

Most of us spend lotsa money, time and effort into trying to make our skin look the best it can, whether that's younger, firmer or more glowing'. Usually, you'll be able to see the effect your skincare routine is having but without getting all Carrie Bradshaw on you, have you ever considered that maybe you're not reaching your skincare products' full potential? Hear us out... 

how to make your skin better


It can be hard to know what products to use, especially when there seems to be a new one out every second, guaranteeing to give you the softest, shiniest, healthiest looking skin you haven't seen since your pre-pubescent days. Our biggest tip? Don't buy into all that sh*t (you know we can't pass up the opportunity for a good rhyme). Let's start with the basics and being the skinfood junkies that we are, we'll also share our super-simple skincare tips that won't break the bank (and along with it, your will to live). 


01. Exfoliate 
Unclog those pores girl

Trust us when we say we can speak skin and can hear yours crying for a good exfoliatin' (coz we can). Exfoliating regularly is the key to unclogging those pores and keeping your skin looking as healthy and glowin' as your body feels after you've put it through a 10-day detox. Your skin needs room to breathe, a.k.a stop crowding it and let it do its thang, and our very own Epsom + Coffee Body Scrub will help your skin achieve its extra-ordinary potential. This super-duper product, filled with all the good stuff your skin needs to stay hydrated and kick some ass, will do it wonders by uninviting dead skin cells to your face's party, leaving your skin silky, fresh and smoother than a baby's butt. 


02.Know the order
Get your sh*t together 

Now we know some of you ain't interested in reading all the mumbo-jumbo found on the back of products (although you should because you do need all the nudie rudie details), but you have to make sure you get one thing right, or your skin won't stop flaking, your acne won't leave and the guy you like won't call you back. You NEED to know the correct order to apply your skincare products. This is a big one because in order for your skincare to work its glowy, healing magic it needs to have the right base and it can't absorb into your skin if it's being blocked by a product that shouldn't be there. Avoid a turf war and a nasty battle of 'you don't belong heres' by simply understanding which products should go first. Hint, thinnest products first, then make your way onto the thiccc ones. 


03. Keepin' it neat & tidy 
No one likes it messy 

If you keep your skincare in the direct path of natural sunlight, certain ingredients are guaranteed to go all Edward Cullen on your ass and turn into moody, temperamental puddles of mess before completely breaking down (and you don't want that). Our solution? Store them away in cupboards or in your cabinets and bob's your uncle, they'll keep perfectly until they reach their expiration date. 


04. Stick with small amounts 
Less is always more  

If you're one of the people that squeeze out a small amount of product onto your hand, look at it, decide it's not enough, and then squeeze some more out, you need to STOP, DROP and ROLL AWAY from your skincare (seriously). Not only will your bank account be planning your funeral (you know you have a serious issue when your skincare receipts are starting to look more like shopping lists), your skin is most definitely, absolutely, 100% hating on you for it. Small amounts of your favourite face oils or moisturisers are more than enough to keep your skin looking as if it's just had the required 12 hours of sleep; it needs to rejuvenate properly. 


05. Are you sure it's your skincare? 
You need to calm down

Are you still experiencing redness, irritation, acne or overall unhealthy looking skin after making the above improvements to your skincare routine? Before you hit the panic button and freak the f*ck out, make sure nothing wacky or out of the ordinary is going on in your life that's a) causing you stress, b) causing you stress, c) causing you stress or d) all of the above. 

Pro tip - Try to be extra aware of what surfaces are touching your skin and whether they have nasty chemicals waiting to pounce and latch onto you (they can be as pesky and hard to get rid of as the ex-boyfriend who keeps messaging you when he's drunk saying you guys should "hang out sometime"). 

Okay, thanks for listening to our TED talk.