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butt naked visits save-a-dog-scheme

WARNING: this post contains images of dogs and cats that you'll definitely want to adopt and love forever and forever..... 

butt naked visits save-a-dog-scheme

You would all know by now we love furry creatures more than people (our director Patrizia is the first person to admit that).

So when Save-a-dog Scheme invited us to hand out pats and a little bit of extra love like it was some sort of doggie Christmas, we just couldn't resist! 

We're super duper proud to partner ourselves with this organisation whose sole purpose is to make sure our favourite furry rescued beings find new, loving homes. With amazing volunteers, this animal shelter, located in Glen Iris, provides both dogs and cats with care when they need it, something these animals haven't felt much of in their short lives. Ensuring no furry creature gets left behind, SADS takes in the abandoned, the sick, those whose owners have died or who can't keep them anymore and gives them a second chance at a life they deserve. 


save a dog scheme
Image: Patrizia (Butt Naked Director) gets a tour of the shelter with Di + Julie

We loved that so much we were practically running through the doors of the place and thinking about how adopting all of the dogs would logistically and financially work (as it turns out, it wouldn't and our hearts were understandably crushed and to be honest, we still haven't recovered).

Founded in 1985 SADS was established to address the shocking kill rate of dogs at Municipal Animal Pounds and other Animal Welfare Organisations in Victoria, and to save as many of man’s best friends as possible. Pam Weaver, founder of SAD’s began by fostering dogs in her home and enlisted many like-minded people to also help out our furry friends (thata girl). 

In over 35 years, thanks to the loyal and generous support of all volunteers and the people who've chosen to adopt, SADS has helped save many thousands of dogs, and for the past 20 years, cats, from certain death so they can happily live out their natural life spans in piece, hopefully with the occasional leftovers straight from the dinner table and maybe an accidental tail pull by a small child. 

Not only did we have the pleasure of meeting so many happy furry and fluffy balls of energy, we also got to meet some of the volunteers behind SADS. If we're being honest (and you know we always keep it real with you), we were in awe at the compassion and dedication these people have for the animals they care for. They even make picking up dog poop and changing cat litter seem like something you'd wanna do on a Saturday night (instead of maybe drinking too many glasses of wine at your fave local). Sometimes, while waiting for a suitable home, the volunteers even take in those who need a little extra TLC, allowing them more freedom and a better, warm environment. Occasionally their temporary homes become forever homes and okay, this sounds like an awesome job, where do we sign up??   

 save-a-dog scheme save-a-dog scheme

However, we can't help but think that it is this exact love and kindness that we should be sharing with our fellow humans as well.....obviously not the poo part but you get the idea. 

With a strict no-kill policy, all animals that arrive at the shelter WILL find a home and receive the proper medical treatment for their entire stay (standing ovation please). Veterinary bills are a significant cost for Save-A-Dog Scheme, but they are an important part of the commitment to ensure the animals are in the best of health to be adopted into a new home. This means they rely on fundraisers, charity events and donations to make sure all animals get the treatment they need and deserve (in other words, break out the cashola and head here). 

Although if you think you can just walk straight in there, point at a dog, say 'it's coming home with me', pay for it and then walk out, you're in for a rude awakening. SADS doesn't take the adoption process lightly. If you express an interest in adopting a dog or a cat, you must meet certain criteria. After all, these volunteers have likely spent a good amount of time with the animals and care for them as if they were their own fur babies so it only makes sense they'd want to ask the hard questions, like what kind of job you have, do you have any kids, and will you let them sleep on the bed during thunderstorms. 

save-a-dog scheme save-a-dog scheme

Image: Patrizia (Butt Naked Director) meets some of the dogs up for adoption. 

Only once you've passed the test will you meet your chosen animal and the volunteers will asses whether or not they think it's a good fit. This will likely depend on whether or not the cat hisses at you or lets you pat them (bonus points if it starts purring immediately). 

In an ideal world places like us wouldn't need to exist but unfortunately we don’t see the situation drastically changing in the future. It’s getting better, but not better enough” - Save a dog Scheme Volunteer.

While the above words hurt our hearts, the main message is to start educating people about the responsibility, commitment and compassion involved in owning a fur baby, (it's not all easy peasy walks through the park and cuddles on the couch) but also the importance of doing your research before you choose your forever furry friend. With the decline of the horrendous puppy farming industry, we hope to see more people turn to shelters to rescue dogs and cats in need, but it is something that needs more awareness in order to change society's behaviours and attitudes. 

A special, big thanks to Di and Julie for the opportunity to meet the team at Save a Dog Scheme! At Butt Naked, we're truly passionate about helping dogs, cats and other animals find a cruelty-free life. Our mission remains to continue to support SADS and to create a stronger awareness of how our actions can be harming innocent animals.

save-a-dog scheme  

save-a-dog scheme

All dogs and cats featured in this post were available for adoption at Save-A-Dog Scheme, at time of publication. See the adoption listing for more information. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer visit 

Now stop reading this and go hug the furry loves of your life a little bit harder.