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the best beaches to visit in Australia

and what to take with you when you do....

the best beaches to visit in Australia

Nothing beats Summer in Australia. No, like really. 

The cicadas chirping, thongs slapping on concrete, games of backyard cricket being played everywhere, licking a dripping icy pole in the hopes that your hands won't get sticky (they will anyway), and running down to the best beach as soon the temp hits anywhere near 25ºC (as a minimum). 

Having said that, there are a few sacred things that Aussies hold near & dear and one of them is Summer days spent at some of the world's best beaches and yes, they all happen to be in Australia, and no, we're not biased. Like at all. 

You can't tell us that you didn't beg your family the instant you finished school for the year to pack up the car and head down to Phillip Island, and/or the Mornington Peninsula, and/or somewhere else that's equally as fantastic, for a couple of weeks because we know you did. 

Thanks to our gobsmackingly beautiful coastline, us Aussies have been blessed with our pick of the best beaches, not just in Victoria, but in every single state. Seriously, no where's ugly. 

So if you're lookin' for the perfect post Christmas wind-down beach spot (what a mouthful) then we'll gladly share with you a few of our top picks, and in case you need some help in the organisation department, we can also guide you on what to bring with you in order to have the. best. day. ever. 

*Disclaimer*: we realises, ordinarily, that some of Sydney's northern beaches would very much make up a substantial chunk of this list but given the fact that covid's trying to have it's own Christmas celebrations, we're not gonna include them in this list purely for the reason that you can't go there. Rip. 


lizard island, qld 

Okay, how about we start off with somewhere a little bit boujee? 

Located at the Great Barrier Reef, this picture perfect island is the best ever example of paradise on Earth. It may sound like we're exaggerating but we're really not. 

With over 23 to-die-for white, sandy beaches to choose from (you'll literally need at least 10 days to explore them all), this island is guaranteed to give you major tropical vibes and will forcibly remove your covid troubles, work problems and relationship worries so you're left thinking about what bottle of bubbles to open next and whether you need to put more sunscreen on. 

While you might have to splash the cash while you're there, you can also participate in fun water activities like diving and snorkelling (say hi to the fishies for us), and sun-it-on-up at some of the most secluded beaches in OZ. 

Our advice? Get off the grid, pack your uno cards and just chill out on what will surely be your favourite, indulgent tropical break. 

lizard island Queensland, the best beaches in Australia

mandalay beach, wa

Definitely up there with the best beaches to visit in Australia, Mandalay Beach is perfectly isolated so you don't have to worry about setting up your beach towel and umbrella basically on top of someone else's. Featuring rocky headlands and a wide, open stretch of sand, this beach oozes untouched beauty. 

We have to admit, there's a bit of a hike to get there and while we know exercise and being on holiday don't exactly mesh well together, trust us when we say you're not gonna want to miss out on this secluded gem. 

For this place, we'd suggest bringing a good book so you can enjoy the picturesque landscape, smell the sea breeze, watch the waves crash and listen to the seagulls chirping overhead, all the while reading your favourite fiction. Can we get a YES PLEASE? 

Mandalay Bay, Western Australia. Best beaches to visit in Australia

wineglass bay, tas 

Now, we don't wanna say Tasmania's being slept in terms of having some of Australia's most popular beaches, but we're also not not saying that if you know what we mean.  

*Wineglass Bay has entered the chat*. 

Located in the Freycinet National Park (approximately 2 hours drive from Launceston), this beach is featured on numerous promotional material for Tasmania (we can almost 100% guarantee that if you fly to Tassie town, you'll see a  shot of this beach popping up on your 'welcome' video in the headrest in front of you), and definitely deserves to be. 

What's so special about it you may ask? Only its pink granite peaks and calm, serene turquoise coloured waters that lap against the clam shaped shoreline. 

Not only can you lounge out on the pristinely white sand and expect to get a killer tan, you can also engage in a range of fun water activities like snorkelling and kayaking, as well as some not so fun ones like wildlife spotting and hiking (we kid, we kid). 

Appealing to a variety of people, this beach is a must-see if you wanna escape the stresses of the daily grind. We recommend bringing your favourite fruity cocktail in a to-go tumbler and spending an afternoon without a care in the world. 

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania. Best beaches to visit in Australia

maslin beach, sa 

Now we know that if we were to say that Maslin Beach in South Australia is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world to visit you'd think we were overreacting slightly, but trust us when we tell you that there's no words in the English language that can accurately describe how stunning this beach is. Period.

Dripping in natural beauty, this sandy paradise is perfect for swimming or beating your dad at a game of beach cricket. 

Oh, and we might've left out the best bit. It was one of Australia's first nudist beaches! While we reckon life's better in your birthday suit, you don't have to be naked to enjoy the enormous jagged cliffs or the unreal landscape! However we do suggest you slip, slop, slap more than usual at this beach. No one wants to get sunburnt in places that aren't mean to get sunburnt. 

If you wanna get the full nudist experience, we recommend visiting this beach in January when Maslin Beach hosts their annual Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Games. Why not try out the three-legged race or the tug-of-war? Honestly, we don't think we've ever heard of anything more fun. Also, you simply mustn't go home until they've crowned the 'best bum' award. Like, who knows? You could be coming back from holiday a winner. 

 Maslin Beach, South Australia. Best Beaches in Australia

brighton beach, vic 

Ahhh, so many beautiful beaches to choose from in Victoria and so little time to write about all of them BUT we simply couldn't go past the beach box beach, or as it's more commonly known, Brighton Beach. 

If you watched the latest season of Channel 9's, The Block, then you'll already know why this beach is definitely a must-go (non-negotiable). Featuring its iconic 'bathing boxes', which are brightly painted huts that date back to the Victorian era, this beach is a small slice of heaven only 25 minutes from the city. 

With calm waters that are patrolled by lifeguards (insert the ultimate Baywatch moment), and grassy areas that provide the perfect spot for activities like eating fish & chips for dinner or enjoying a tasty picnic you put together, this beach allows you panoramic views of Melbourne's city skyline as well as beautiful views of the ocean. If you can't contact us, you know where we'll be.  

Brighton Beach, Victoria. Best beaches to visit in Australia