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how to prep your body for fake tan season

fingers crossed we'll be allowed outside to show off all our hard work...

how to prep your body for fake tan season

In life, there are a few really good skills that you should know how tto master like how to cook a really good spaghetti sauce, how to change the tire on your car when it's flat, how to tackle your taxes when absolutely nobody in the history of the world ever teaches you how to do it, and how to give your body the perfect sun kissed glow when you've just spent the better part of at least 4 months inside. 

That's right ladies and gentleman, fake tan season is almost upon us (if the sun ever feels like popping out of its hibernation hole)! 

Those of you who fake tan on the regular know that it's not the easiest thing to become a pro at, like why can I never get my hands and arms to be the same shade and what's with this funny white line on the back of my left leg? Am I too orange? Who does my back?! I could go on but you get the point. 

I think I probably ask myself these questions all the time and I know I'm not the only one (please tell me I'm not the only one). While tanning yourself can be the hardest thing, like ever, there are some tips and tricks to help you become the bronzed goddess you deserve to be. 

I've put together a list of things you can do to help prepare your body regardless of whether you're going for that 'just spent the whole summer in Europe' look (highly unlikely due to the whole coronavirus thing) or you just want a 'subtle glow'. 

exfoliation is key 

Honestly if you're not exfoliating your skin before you fake tan it, you're doin' it wrong.

Probably the most important step when it comes to fake tanning, exfoliating will help get rid of those nasty dead skin cells and any dirt or sweat that's clogging up your pores. Also, by exfoliating either the morning or night before your tan, you're ensuring your fake tan will stay on for longer and won't just fade away when your skin cells shed, and we're all about that. 

What's the perfect exfoliator to leave your skin clear and fresh you might ask? Our coconut + lemon sugar body scrub. 

Perfect for gently cleansing and moisturising your skin, this lemon-y & coconut-y scrub will leave your skin feeling hydrated and rejuvenated, allowing for the perfect base for that golden glow as there'll be no dry patches of your skin for the tan to saturate to. 

PRO TIP: Make sure you're paying extra attention to those stubborn areas, namely the elbows and the knees. These tend to be some of the rougher parts of our body and not exfoliating them properly could leave you with some darker looking tan in those areas and that's not cute. 

don't run out of time 

This one is a big no-no. 

I know we're all big multi-taskers and usually have a million things on the go at once but making sure you give yourself enough time to perfectly prep your body before tanning is a must. Seriously, it's non-negotiable.

This means shaving or waxing well in advance (if the no hair look is your thing). When you shave/wax your pores are open and this allows the tan to get trapped, resulting in little brown dots all over your body and we know you didn't go to all this effort to look like you have some weird, adult chickenpox. 

Remove any unwanted hair at least one day before you tan and you're good to go! 

hands up if you need to moisturise 

Pssst, that's all of you.

Fake tan and dry skin are not good friends. No, really, they're the kind of enemies who will lie, be mean and try to embarrass each other every chance they get. In other words, you definitely don't want your skin to be dry when you go to apply fake tan because it will end up patchy and you will hate it. 

Ensure your skin is nice and nourished by applying a creamy, hydrating moisturiser in the run up to your tan (this could be the day before or even a couple of hours before applying your tan). 

Just like with exfoliating, make sure to specifically target those problem areas where tan tends to stick to the most, like your elbows & knuckles. You don't wanna be walking around lookin' two-toned. 

Not only will moisturising your skin help it to look super rejuvenated and fresh but your tan will also look seamless and extra natural. That's a big win. 

now it's tan time 

This is where it starts getting a little tricky but you've put in the groundwork to give yourself the best base so you should be good. I always find it doesn't hurt to send up a quick prayer to the tan gods, you know, just in case. But that part's optional. 

start with a clean tanning mitt

First things first, under no circumstances ever should you use your bare hands to self-tan. Not unless you want to look like an Oompa Loompa. 

Opt for a CLEAN tanning mitt instead, and I say clean in bold because you don't want your mitt to have a build-up of old tan on there from previous applications coz that's a sure fire way to encourage bacteria to grow, and like, not only is that super gross but it will also result in a really gunky tan. 

section it out 

I find it's better to work in sections for obvious reasons that I will lay out for you right now: 

  • - by working in smaller sections, you keep the tan from setting too quickly in one spot.  
  • - first apply the tan to the places on your body that are more likely to cause transfer so that they dry sooner, e.g/. torso, legs and arms.  
  • - always, always, always do your feet, hands and face last. 

let yourself dry 

Before going to put any type of clothing, you need to let yourself air-dry or you can get the ol' hair dryer out and focus on those spots where tan is known to congregate together (crook of your elbow, neck creases) so those areas dry quicker. 

Give it at least five minutes (I usually opt for 10-20 minutes just to be absolutely sure nothing's goin' to rub off on my clothes) before popping on a loose t-shirt or dress preferably in a darker colour. 

Oh and obviously, don't get yourself wet while you're waiting for your tan to develop because not only will you turn into a gremlin but your tan will also come out blotchy, patchy and streaky. Sooo not ideal. 

shower it off then..... 

Once you've waited the appropriate amount of time for your tan to develop (usually you go off what's indicated on the bottle of your fake tan), you can now have a shower! Yay! 

When you're showering, don't use any soap because it will cause your fake tan to fade. Instead, just allow the cold-ish water to wash off the access fake tan and avoid wiping harshly with a towel when you're drying yourself off coz again, your tan will come off. 

Just pat yourself down and go on your merry way. it off 

When you're ready to take your new tan out on the town or if tanning isn't your thing, why not try using our body glow illuminating oil to help your skin glow that extra mile. 

This deeply nourishing, lightweight and hydrating illuminating body oil is saturated with 100% natural fatty acids from skin-loving coconut and jojoba oils, for satin-soft skin that positively glows – no greasy residue in sight, only sun-kissed vibes. 

Did we mention it's also packed with all the good antioxidants and ingredients your skin is thirsty for? Take Olive Squalene for example, not only does it leave the skin feelin' silky and smooth, it also softens it and improves elasticity so you'll be lookin' at least 10 years younger and won't ever want to stop touching yourself (wink, wink). 

AND you'll be happy to know that it's free from silicones, parabens, synthetic colours and palm oil. *High fives each other* 

Simply, shake up your bottle and massage some into your skin after a shower. 

PRO TIP: try putting the oil on places where the sun naturally hits your skin for a blinding, goddess like shine e.g/ collarbones. 

That's brings us to the end of fake tanning 101. Hope you all enjoyed it xoxo