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butt naked's ethical, Aussie gift guide

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butt naked's ethical, Aussie gift guide

Well, for some reason the days just keep on rollin' by at an alarming rate meaning December is fast approaching. Yes, that's right. The fat man in the North Pole is making sure the bells on the reindeer's harnesses are in tip top condition, ready to jingle their little hearts out; the elves are scurrying about, falling over each other trying to get each and every present ready for their respective human to unwrap on Christmas morning; and Mrs Claus is probably in the kitchen making mince pies but secretly having a swig of wine every now and then when she thinks no one's looking (what a mood).*

Now we don't blame you if the thought of the impending silly season is filling you with a sense of dread. You're not the only one. Like we're pretty sure it was just halloween, and suddenly we blinked it was the end of November!? We can pretty much hear Mariah Carey warming up her vocals, ready to belt out the 1,345,683rd rendition of 'All I Want For Christmas'. This year can calm down, honestly (for many reasons). 

Anyway, don't panic. We've decided to put together a gift guide that's both ethical (so you can sleep at night knowing that what you've picked out has been consciously created) and full of some really, really good stuff that we're sure your mother, sister, kid's teacher, sort-of-sister-in-law-but-they're-not-married-yet, and grandpa's girlfriend will love. Oh and you'll also be supporting local Aussie businesses because let's be honest, covid's hit us all hard. Sound good? Okay, let's get on with it. 

*we don't actually know that's what's happening but it sounds right doesn't it? 

summer essentials gift pack - $57.95

summer essentials gift pack, butt naked body

if you're lookin' for cruelty-free, vegan products (and you really should be, there is no alternative) to help look after your loved one's skin then you can't go past yours truly and you also can't go past our ................. kit. 

Basically, it's summer lovin' all year ‘round with the Summer Essentials Gift Pack. This beachy, dewy sand queen will have your skin cleansed and moisturised givin’ you good vibes and leavin’ you hella confident. 

Perfect for getting the glow-y-est, smoothest skin walking the streets, this pack features our coconut + lemon body scrub which is the sensitive, kind, gently exfoliating scrub your body needs to get rid of its dead skin cells.

Then you have the coffee + epsom body scrub that works its ass off to be your post-workout warrior, helpin' to target pesky skin conditions and aid in recovery. Or if you don't workout (let's face it, if we didn't have to, we wouldn't either), this scrub helps to relieve tension in your muscles and invigorate your skin. 

Last but definitely not least, we have the hemp clay face mask which is guaranteed to add the finishing touches to your self-care routine, helpin' to banish redness, say no thank you to blemishes and bye-bye to irritation. If your mum thinks she's above getting acne she's not. She definitely still needs to pay attention otherwise, the pimple predators will come back with a vengeance. 

toasted coconut soy candle by Coconutsy - $36.95

toasted coconut soy candle

If you've ever loved getting a candle for a present (c'mon, who hasn't?) then you're absolutely gonna go cray cray over this one that's been made in a. damn. coconut. This may actually be the cutest, most cleverest thing we ever did see. 

Not only will your house look like some tropical oasis thanks to the island vibes this candle is defs throwing off, your house will also smell like you're somewhere far far away. On a beach somewhere. Where it's hot. You probably have a cocktail in your hand too. Ahh, a girl can dream. 

In other words, this candle has a fruity, tropical smell and is guaranteed to fill your home with an ambience that'll have your friends never wanting to leave. Is that a good or a bad thing? You decide. 

Bound to quickly turn your house into a place of calm and ultimate serenity, this candle features hand poured coconut soy wax and a crackling wooden wick, displayed in a polished coconut shell. 

Extremely eco-friendly, this candle can burn for up to 50 hours and will come in sustainable packing ft. no bloody plastic. Amazing. 

 nudist repair balm - $15.95

nudist repair balm

Perhaps you need something to stuff your loved one's stocking with? Okay, that kinda sounded a bit dirty and to be honest, we're not mad at that but for the sake of this blog, let's keep it PG. 

Anyway, why not try out our forever favourite, the nudist repair balm? 

If we're being honest, this repair balm should never have to sit down or be humble because it’s the best freakin’ all rounder that’s not only hella hydrating but is specifically designed to restore moisture to any and every part of your body that’s in need of a little tlc.

Packed with avocado oil (a powerful antioxidant) which is full of THE best fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties to help the skin maintain hydration and minimise damage, and chock-a-block of argan oil, a.k.a liquid gold for your skin, this balm is perfectly multipurpose and great for use on your lips, under your nose, and on your elbows. 

coastal mugs by the wholesome store - $70

coastal mugs

You know what's extremely frustrating? Sitting down in front of Netflix and scrolling for a good 20 minutes trying to find the perfect movie to watch, only to decide that you don't even feel like watching a movie anymore so you just pop on the tv show you've been binge watching for 3 days straight. But do you know what makes it that little bit better? Enjoying a perfectly brewed cup of coffee out of your brand, spanking new coastal mug. 

Featuring a speckled design and a stoneware construction, these mugs will complement your home's ~boho~ vibes (even if your home doesn't have boho vibes, they'll still look ace) and are handmade. 

With an organic shape, these mugs come in soft pastel colours with three distinct colour tones; wisteria, mint, and apricot.

We bet anything tastes better coming out of these, and we reckon they're worth gifting to your family and friends purely for the aesthetic aspect alone. Oh, and the wholesome store have partnered with One Tree Planted meaning a tree will be planted with every order from their website. If that's not an encouragement to buy these beauties then we don't know what is. 

super healthy nails kit by Raww - $29.99

Raww Super Healthy Nails, Nailed Kit

What's the point of trying not to bite your nails so they can be long and beautiful when you have no nail polish to paint them with? We'll give you the answer. There's absolutely no point. 

That's where Raww comes in. 

Providing your loved one with the prettiest nails they've probably seen in a long time, this nail polish kit features 3 nail colours; A la Naturale, Strawberry Bang and It's Mint to Be. You know we love a good pun, and that one ladies and gentlemen is a pun and a half. 

Not only are these polishes, vegan but they're also vegan and vegan. Made with a formula that's powered by kale protein to stimulate keratin production, so you can have strong and healthy looking nails, these polishes are packed with superfoods such as acai berry, coconut oil, sweet orange oil and pomegranate oil to not only keep nails in tip top shape but also deliver finish that's glossed to the gods (incredibly glossy). 

foxtails & co gift set by three foxes 


Did you really think we'd write this blog and not include some type of alcohol? That should've been a hard HELLO NO. Alcohol must be included. Always....

.....and with that, let us introduce our fave choose-your-own-spirit Foxtails & co gift set. 

Coming with the option of choosing three to-die-for cocktails, your loved one is guaranteed to squeal at the thought of downing an espresso martini after Christmas lunch is finished. Or they're positively ecstatic they get to sip on a cranberry peach concoction of deliciousness while tackling online shopping on Boxing Day, sitting smugly behind their computer and feeling sorry for everyone who's lining up at the shopping centre, cocktail nowhere in sight. 

The only downside? Once you've chosen your cocktails, you'll actually have to give away. Oh no wait, we've fixed that problem. Just buy two. One for yourself and one for the luckiest person on this planet. 

Well there you have it folks, get spending some cashola xoxo