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guess who's just been officially certified palm oil free? WE HAVE

holy moly, we're so happy

guess who's just been officially certified palm oil free? WE HAVE

Soooo, guess what? We did a thing! A really really good thing! A 'helping to save the orangutan's' type thing! 

Yep, that's right. Your fave vegan, cruelty-free skincare brand (us) just got themselves palm oil free certified! We could squeal we're that excited but we'll refrain (just this once). 

By now you guys should know that butt naked has been a palm oil free zone from the get-go so it's always been a dream of ours to have that in writing and get fully certified. While it's taken us 'till 2021 to get it done, it's finally here. It's official, and we couldn't be happier. 

Let's go over a few things first though, then we promise we can celebrate later. It's important to us that we communicate to you why we decided to build butt naked palm oil free, why it's bad for the environment (and our fuzzy orangutans), and what ingredients we use instead. Shall we get on with it? 


what exactly is palm oil? 

First things first, palm oil is derived from the fruit of the oil palm tree and is commonly used to make food as it's high in saturated fats but free of trans fats. 

Native to West Africa, the oil palm tree was imported into South East Asia in the mid 19th century as humid tropics tend to produce higher amounts of fruit that can then be made into oil. 

Palm fruit develops in super dense bunches which each contain more than a thousand individual sized fruits, similar to that of a plum. Palm oil is then extracted from the fleshy parts of the fruit. 

You'd actually be surprised at how many of your day-to-day products have palm oil in them, probably without you even realising it. Yep, that number is around 50%. 

Palm oil is often used in the manufacturing of prepackaged foods, cosmetics, cleaning products, hair care, soap and other personal care items, with palm wax often found in the manufacturing of candles. 


palm oil? It's a no from us 

Due to the social, environmental and ethical implications caused by the palm oil industry, this ingredient is a no-go zone for us. Why? The production of palm oil contributes to destroying the habitats of endangered animals through rapid deforestation and we’re just not about that.

This large-scale destruction of rainforests is also releasing globally significant quantities of carbon pollution into the atmosphere, making palm oil a major global driver of human induced climate change.

We don't wanna be dramatic here or anything but buying certified palm oil free products pretty much says 'I know I'm responsible for the future of our planet and I'm making a decision that will lessen the impact of climate change'. Oh, and you're also supporting and helping to protect endangered species like our dear, fuzzy orangutan friends who only wanna swing from tree to tree in piece, instead of being persecuted by humans who wanna cut those same trees down. 

Its low cost is why palm oil is used in so many ingredients, sometimes hidden by using ‘vegetable oil’. Manufacturers are starting to demand more access to sustainable palm oil and its derivatives, which means there will be more reason for harvesters to sell palm oil that is ethical and sustainable but for the time being, there is absolutely no guarantee that the palm oil produced is from a conflict-free and sustainable resource so we decided butt naked can live without it.


what we use instead

Luckily for us, we have an awesome team who specialise in vegan and plant-based formulation so we know we’re working with the best in the biz. These guys and gals work tirelessly to innovate, experiment and come up with new stuff that blows our minds (like everyday). 

Instead of using palm oil, we opt to use coconut oil and brassica alcohol. All of our oils are 100% pure. We can promise that there aren't any fillers here. 

what is coconut oil? 

Coconut oil is a highly saturated oil that’s traditionally made by extracting the oil from raw coconuts or dried coconut kernels. It is chockablock of medium-chain fatty acids which helps to eradicate bacteria from the skin, clearing up any skin infections and inflammation.

Coconut oil also softens, moisturises and soothes dry skin conditions by coating it in a non-greasy layer of lightweight hydration.

In addition to its badass effects on acne and inflammation, coconut oil also offers a considerable amount of hydration, and because of this, can help to treat eczema and other rashes. 

what is brassica alcohol? 

We're glad you asked. Brassica alcohol is a 100% palm oil free fatty alcohol naturally-derived from brassica (cabbage family). It works to thicken, stabilize and texturise formulas and well as being a co-emulsifier.


why we wanted to be certified 

We’re all about the naked truth. Nothing icky whatsoever so your skin is guaranteed to stay in a good mood, like all the time. 

Being completely transparent with our ingredients (and where we source them from) is something we're continuously working on, and while butt naked has been palm oil free since we were just a baby brand, getting an official accreditation has always been on the top of our priority list. 

We think it's super duper important for customers to always have as much knowledge as possible on pretty much everything to do with the product they're buying so they can make an informed decision on whether or not they want to buy it. 

We're not about trying' to hide anything and providing ethical options for your everyday skin care products is who we are, down to our very core. By proudly labelling ourselves as palm oil free, we can help to raise awareness about alarming issues our environment is facing due to unsustainable palm oil production whilst at the same time promoting ethical alternatives (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) that will then lead to the decreased demand and no cutting down of rainforests and orangutan habitats. 


who is the orangutan alliance? 

The Orangutan Alliance Organisation is a non-profit, independent industry-based charity that encourages and promotes reducing the amount of non-sustainable palm oil that is being in various products. 

To help them do this, they've set up a Palm Oil Free Certification Program (hint, that's how we applied for our own certification). 

Through their various partners, this organisation offers support for reforestation, orangutan rescue, and a whole heap of other important projects that help to minimise the damage that is caused by non-sustainable palm oil production. 

Along with providing ongoing conservation support for areas affection by the palm oil industry, this organisation also actively supports manufacturers in switching to palm oil free practices. 

It's through these strong industry partnerships that awareness is created and spread, and in turn, that rainforests can be saved, habitats can be left alone, and the environment can continue doing it's natural thing. 

To be honest, we think that deserves a standing ovation. Take your bow Orangutan Alliance.

Okay, now we can pop open a bottle of wine, pour ourselves a glass, do a BIG happy dance and celebrate the win. 

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