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5 tips on how to be more sustainable

Earth Day is upon us, which means that it’s that time of the year where we all feel bad about how we are killing the planet, and then we go back to not worrying about it the next day.

5 tips on how to be more sustainable

Look, I get it, sustainability isn’t the easiest thing to do. If it were, we wouldn’t even need an Earth Day, would we? 

Earth Day is the perfect date for us all to have a look at our lifestyle and try to live more sustainably and reduce waste as a society.

From looking into the skincare products we buy to trying to save more water, let’s have a look at some unique ways that you can take part, and maybe, you might just want to make a change because of it.



Let's start with the newest trend going around. Flexitarianism is basically the idea that you still eat meat, just not as much of it. Weird flex, I know, but it works.

Studies have shown that if one of the most efficient ways to help with the growing threat of climate change is to simply not eat as much meat. We at Butt Naked are 100% meat-free but any change is a good change!

A heap of restaurants are buying into this trend, including burger bar Grill’d, who went completely meat-free across their 137 stores for one day in April.

It’s also super healthy, as a vegan diet sees your body consuming rich nutrients, reducing the risks of cancer and other illnesses.

So if you want to help, maybe try and go a day without eating meat, or maybe, just not as much?


Ethical Beauty 

One of the biggest issues within skincare is the use of palm oil and micro-plastics.

Palm oil is widely used in cosmetics and is responsible for 80% of the world’s deforestation. Micro-plastics aren’t much better either, with thousands of tonnes of micro-beads washing up in the ocean, ending up inside marine wildlife and eventually into humans.

We design skincare that is free of palm oil and micro-plastics, so no need to run and check the fine print on our products! Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case for other companies so it pays to do some research.

One of the best ways you can contribute to Earth Day is looking into the type of products you buy and making sure that they are environmentally friendly.


Slow Fashion

What is this you ask? Slow Fashion advocates for principles such as good quality, clean environment, sustainable materials and ethical and fair conditions for producers. Slow Fashion adopts philosophies including buying vintage clothes, redesigning old clothes and supporting local independent designers instead of huge chain enterprises. It's really about knowing where your garment has come from and how it will affect the environment. 
Less is more we say, support you, local designers and creators! 


Reusable straws

This is one of the easiest ways that you can help reduce your impact on the environment.

Instead of plastic, which can devastate marine life and contributes to toxic fumes, try using reusable straws, such as paper or stainless steel!

It is a simple change, but one that can reduce the amount of plastic that we use, resulting in a cleaner planet.


Conserve water

There is only so much water to use, so ensuring that we can conserve our water usage is essential.

Little things can help us save water, such as not having the tap running while brushing our teeth or taking shorter showers.

Even the smallest change can help save water, plus you get that super good feeling of saving the planet, right?

In reality, Earth Day shouldn’t be the only day that we think about looking after the planet. 

Nobody is expecting you to completely change your diet or to stop taking showers, but it helps if we can think about the products we buy or trying to reduce our meat intake, just a touch.  If we can all just reduce our carbon footprint, even by a small amount, then we will go a long way to creating a sustainable society.

Happy Earth Day! xx