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Our choice of ingredients are all super kind - to you, and the environment. Just as we value the health of the environment, we value the health of every human. We understand the difficulties that come with trying to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.

You will never find synthetic fragrances, silicones, parabens, microbeads, PEGs, Sulfates, GMO’s, or chemical U.V. filters in any of our products.

These ingredients can be harmful to your skin and the environment because they don’t break down when they’re washed down the sink so they make their way into our ecosystems and then into our oceans and water supply. The process of water evaporation and re-accumulation means that the chemicals you’ve washed down your sink will actually end up returning to the earth as rain, not only does this affect our marine life but it can damage our soil and affect the environment’s capacity to grow.

Instead, we use ethically sourced, sustainability-driven, ingredients that are both cruelty-free and palm oil free because we value compassion from footprint to paw print. We’re forever brainstorming and implementing ways for our brand to be as eco-conscious as possible, from using recyclable packaging to carbon neutral freight options. We truly care about the damage being done to our beautiful world, and we recognise the beauty & cosmetic industry’s part in it, but we’ll always promise to do our bit for this planet and help to drive change where it’s needed.

Below is a list of what we don’t include in our products, you can also read our nasty ingredients explainer blog for more info.

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palm oil

Out entire range is proudly certified Palm Oil Free by Orangutan Alliance. Due to the social, environmental and ethical implications caused by the palm oil industry, we’re striving to make this ingredient a no go zone for us. Why? The production of palm oil contributes to destroying the habitats of endangered animals through rapid deforestation. The unnecessary felling of trees is directly impacting climate change and is contributing to global warming. But that’s not all. Not only is deforestation actively increasing the pollution found in our air, water and soil (it’s also leading to erosion), the process of obtaining palm oil means that in countries like Indonesia, we’re seeing major ecosystems (that help to create carbon for the rest of the world) rapidly depleting. Yikes. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the deforestation of trees to produce palm oil is also robbing the Indigenous people of the land they hold so dear to their culture, their livelihood and their hearts. We can almost hear you say, ‘then why do companies use it’? Its low cost is why palm oil is used in so many ingredients, sometimes hidden by using ‘vegetable oil’. There is absolutely no guarantee that the palm oil produced is from a conflict-free and sustainable resource. So that’s a big no from us.

micro beads

Microbeads are tiny bits of plastic found in some exfoliating body washes and facial scrubs. Since their introduction in 1972, these plastic beads kill marine life and bring harmful chemicals into the food chain as beauty products are being discarded, and therefore, ending up in our oceans and in our landfill. Not only will this cause harm and even death to marine life, but the bacteria attached to micro beads have the ability to create their own ecosystems, sometimes travelling to different parts of the world, spreading disease and contamination. We say no to this, so rest assured all the exfoliants used in our products are 100% al-naturale, and are safe to wash down your sink, meaning it will not hurt marine life or the ocean.

chemical uv filters

Chemical UV filters are synthetic chemical that have extremely negative health and environmental effects. Oxybenzone, can trigger skin irritation and allergies in people with sensitive skin. It has also been linked to hormone disruption in children and adults.

On top of that, chemical filters (especially those used in sunscreen) have been found to be toxic to coral reefs, contributing to coral bleaching. Regions like Hawaii and Palau have banned sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate in an effort to protect their oceans. We at Butt Naked ditto that sentiment.


Parabens are synthetics preservatives used in personal care products to prevent bacteria or fungus from growing in the products, increasing the products' shelf life.

They are believed to disrupt hormone function by mimicking oestrogen, which can cause cancer reproductive issues.

Parabens also impact the environment. Studies have reported that parabens have been found in the bodies of marine mammals which were likely washed into the sewage system and released into the environment.

No thanks, we'll stay away from that one...

pegs (polyethylene glycol)

PEG (polyethylene glycols) compounds are used in cosmetics as thickeners and softeners, but never used our products. It functions as an absorption enhancer allowing good and bad ingredients to be absorbed faster into deeper parts of skin. If used on broken or damaged skin, it can cause irritation and system toxicity. In addition, PEGs can reduce the skin’s moisture levels and speed up skin ageing, no thanks.

sulfates (sls/sles)

Sulfates can be found in many products from toothpaste to cleansers to help with foaming. The most commonly used are sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). Sulfates are known to strip away moisture and protective barriers, irritating the skin more. Some say it causes no problem in small amounts, but we rather not take that chance.

synthetic fragrance

What does the word 'parfum' or fragrance in an ingredients listing actually mean? Who knows? There are laws that protect fragrance manufacturers from sharing “trade secrets,” so almost every perfume synthetic fragrance is crammed with chemicals that aren’t listed individually on the product packaging. Synthetic fragrance can cause allergic reactions like rashes and skin irritation. Some fragrances can even cause dizziness and headaches. Studies show that the ingredients in synthetic 'fragrances' or 'parfum' can be potentially hazardous or even toxic. We love the natural beauty of Pachamama (the earth time mother), so we'll stick to the real deal.


Phthalates are used as lubricants or softeners in skincare. They are known to be endocrine disruptors which can have hormonal affects abd cause reproductive defects in males and females. Let's avoid this one.

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