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the best skincare routine for oily skin

the best skincare routine for oily skin

Name: Hayley

Age: 28

Location: Melbourne

Daily Grind: Primary School Teacher & Creator of HK Collective

I am a 28-year-old Primary School Teacher from Melbourne and I have just created a new business ‘HK Collective’ which sells luxe signature beauty/wellness boxes. My favourite words are self-love and self-care! I really enjoy listening to my body and taking care of it after a busy day of working with small children in the classroom. I really need a lot of downtime and spend a lot of time grounding and relaxing. I like to take care of my skin using amazing Australian and organic skin products and I enjoy drinking tea, reading quotes and poems, using oils and cleansing my body. I love all things beauty and try my best to share all of the amazing products I pack into my HK Collective boxes with others. I want everyone to open up and indulge in self-care and self-love like I do each day by using these products.

  • the lowdown

    I use the Butt Naked Pink clay mask in my skincare routine and Himalayan and Lavender scrub on my body. I use both products three times a week, or when I need a skin pick-me-up. I use a range of products alongside Butt Naked, which work well together.

    rose pink clay face mask
  • face care

    My go-to face mask is Butt Naked Rose pink clay mask. It makes my skin feel incredible. When it is on my face, it feels fresh and calms my skin.   I usually use the clay mask in the morning so that my skin is plump, glowing and fresh for the day ahead.  
 1. I use an organic bamboo wipe on my skin pre-face mask to get rid of any dirt or makeup.  2. Then I mix up the clay mask in a little bowl and paste it into my face. My cheeks LOVE this!  3. I like to leave it on for 15 minutes then I begin to remove it with a hot face washer.  Aftercare: I mist my face with a toning mist and then moisturise. My skin feels INCREDIBLE each time! 
 It is effortless to apply and take off. After using the mask, my skin is so plump and hydrated; it feels like I have had a full facial! The smell of the mask is subtle and natural, which makes me feel grounded. 

    rose pink clay face mask
  • bodycare

    The Himalayan and Lavender body scrub is so refreshing and invigorating but also has a sense of calm with the lavender. It helps my skin as I spend a lot of time in the sun, and I often get dry patches on my shoulders. The salt really cleanses my skin, and the lavender calms it. I usually use the Body scrub at night to cleanse my skin and get rid of any dry bits. I like using this at night because lavender is a part of my self-care routine in the evenings to ensure I get a good nights rest. You can even put the scrub into the bath and double it as a soak, plus it leaves a relaxing aroma in the bathroom.

    bellini sugar scrub
  • tips

    I like to mix up the pink clay mask in a little wooden bowl and spoon, by using this, I feel like I am more grounded and earthly.

    rose pink clay face mask