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madison's best skin care routine for acne

madison's best skin care routine for acne

Name: Madison

Age: 22

Location: Melbourne

Daily Grind: Student

Skin Concerns: I have combination skin which is oily in spots and I get stress breakouts on my cheekbone and jawline

I'm a full-time student at Deakin University studying Commerce and law. In my spare time, I love exercising, cooking yummy vegan food and being a lifestyle coach. My passion in life is to inspire others to live their best life in optimum physical and mental health.

  • what I use...

    - Cactus mask
    - Cactus face and hair oil and
    - Cuban coffee lip balm

    These products have helped reduce my ache without drying out my skin. They leave me feeling glowing and radiant.  

    prickly pear hair + face oil serum
  • 01. exfoliate + mask

    After I get naked and exfoliate in the shower. I make my cactus clay face mask by mixing it with water. I leave it in for about 15 minutes until it goes a lighter green colour. Once this has done cooking take it off with some warm water and a face halo. 

    hair and face oil serum
  • 02.
    face treatment

    After a face mask, I use my Cactus Face + Hair oil, which helps lock in hydration.

    hair and face oil serum
  • 03.
    lip pamper

    To finish it off with my favourite step, lip balm. The Coffee Cuban scrub makes my lips feel extremely hydrated. Dry lips have been my biggest struggle for such a long time. This product seriously helps take that away!

    coffee lip balm