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isabella's skincare tricks for healthy & glowing skin

isabella's skincare tricks for healthy & glowing skin

Name: Isabella

Age: 22

Location: Melbourne

Daily Grind: Digital Creator and Writer

Skin Concerns: Breakout 

I'm a student at RMIT University studying a Bachelor of Communication, Journalism. I'm also a VIC state finalist in the Miss World Australia pageant and I also recently placed top 5 in the Miss Tourism Australia. In my spare time I love hanging out at the beach and trying new restaurants.

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    Himalayan + Lavender Salt Scrub 

    Three times a week I use the body scrub as a bath soak. I pour a handful into the water while the bath is running and soak in it for half an hour to an hour. It also doubles up as an exfoliating scrub so twice a week I use it as a scrub in the shower. It's an absolute must to use the bath soak as both a soak and an exfoliator because it does an amazing job at both, and leaves the skin feeling and smelling lovely. It helps keep my breakout at bay and leaves my skin feeling so smooth and refreshed.

    himalayan + lavender salt scrub + bath soak
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    Body Glow Illuminating Oil 

    When I'm going out in the sun I put the body glow illuminating oil over my decolletage and arms and it leaves me looking nice and glowy! A little goes a long way with the oil so a little bit is needed for a really nice glow on the skin, it also helps to bronze up the skin in the sun. In conclusion, The oil adds a stunning glow to my skin while I'm in the sun!

    body glow illuminating oil